“If you want to feel so taken care of like you’re the only person that matters in the world while you are with her, do give yourself the gift of Soul Touch intuitive massage and healing sessions with Penelope. She listens, makes suggestions, offers options for an enhanced experience and is just darn lovely to be with. I highly recommend the services of this skilled professional bodyworker!”

– P.V., Victoria BC

“Penelope is not only a skilled body work practitioner, she brings amazing intuition and heart to everything she does. Sessions where I get a tarot reading along with body work feels like the cherry on top, and I always walk away feeling like it was a meaningful experience.”

– A.H., Victoria BC

“Penelope did a tarot reading for me almost two years ago, and I have returned to it regularly because the themes it revealed have been bang on, manifesting in my life from day one through until now. It was unbelievably helpful to have that perspective and framework for understanding what was emerging in my life, so that I could navigate tough times with greater grace and gentleness for me and the people around me.

I’ve also had a spiritual reading & massage with her, and she has incredible healing presence and power that is shared through her hands. I felt deeply supported and renewed.”

– C.G., Vancouver BC

“I have gone to see Penelope for many years. She changed my life for the better over a decade ago. My emotions were blocked for many years and I was stuck in my head. My heart was not fully open. It was blocked by extreme trauma I suffered from ages 13-15.

She did somatic therapy to open my connection to my emotions through body awareness, meditation and Chakra balancing. It was a deep healing! The results were miraculous and my emotional life opened up. It allowed me to be much more effective as a bodywork therapist.

Penelope works with bodywork, yoga, energy work and spiritual intuition. I highly recommend her blend of healing therapies.

She also offers Tarot readings which have been helpful. Sometimes she has cut my hair combined with a Tarot readings. She calls it a Cosmic Haircut, fun and the haircut has been great too.”

– I.S., Victoria BC

“Penelope helped me so much as I was transitioning out of a 25-year marriage. The work on consent and asking for what I want was powerful and exciting to apply. I felt so safe and cared for and the tools I learned I am still using. Thank you Soul Touch!”

– G.B., Victoria BC

“Incredible tarot reader! Penelope is super psychic. I always go to her for advice in love and relationships. She totally bang on!

I love her bodywork too. Her style for me is strong, deep and relaxing.”

– J.M-L., Vancouver BC

“Penelope is such a wisdom-keeper – a profoundly soulful being whose touch and time is truly precious.”

– C.J., Salt Spring Island BC