Welcome here.

Thanks for saying hello!

I’m Lone Peep (aka Penelope Hagan) – creative writer, folk musician, artist and spiritual healer. I live, love, play and work on the beautiful Pacific Northwest coast.

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Please feel free to get in touch if you need:

a storyteller, sing-songer, poet or clown,

an MC, campfire or circle leader,

a tarot reader,

someone to paint your car or cut your hair,

a dreamworker,

or a spiritual guide experienced in ways of heart, mind, body and soul.

Thank you so much for engaging with me and my work in the world!

My Mission

Why I’m here and what I hope to offer you with my creative endeavours.

My Philosophy

A few important things you should know about me.


Writings about my feelings and perspectives on the world and my place in it.


Listen to Lone Peep original folk songs. I’ll be adding more originals and covers, so keep checking back!


Free verse and lyrical poems on nature, spirituality, relationships, beauty and time.


Fiction and creative non-fiction stories about past and present events.

To read more of my opinions in essays and rants, please visit sledgehammeroflove.com