Welcome and hello!

I am a healer, first and foremost.

My name is Penelope Seagull. I’m here to help facilitate your healing and increase your resilience.

You can trust my hands, my head and my heart. I listen to your heart, your mind and your body.

You can come to me with any problem, situation or circumstance. I’ve seen and heard just about everything. I’m accepting and non-judgmental.

I work with all life stages, including but not limited to: couple and family relationships; new parenthood; sexual discovery or trauma recovery; and death, disease and dying.

Our sessions together can include touch, massage, bodywork, talking, holding, energy work, guided visualization, and spiritual advice in the way of medicine card readings.

I will work with you over a span of time, or just for a single session.

My services are offered at affordable rates. In-kind trades are also welcome. Please contact me to discuss a package that works for your budget. 🙂

What I Offer:

I also write essays, poems, fiction stories and philosophical pieces about healing, relationships, society & self-development.