in 3 weeks since Samhain 

i have seen a number of sunsets

just now 5, no 6 

going westward on a jetplane 

toward home.

back east, a northern town

lies completely barren

where someone was 

named B.

from your room,

i have removed the extension cord 

you used, your shoes, sweaters

tights & sex toys, your makeup

is in my own bag now; good taste.

i have packed up your forlorn

body pillow, your bed got thrown 

to the bottom of long steep stairs 

you’ll never –

the stool you used 

was used again 

later, loading your

stuff into a truck.


i have wondered & wept 

at all the secrets you kept,

i know some of them you did try

to tell me.

chasing sunset away

from bitter boreal cold,

i come home

still gripped.

in 3 weeks since Samhain

the things i have seen of

shadows, loneliness & even dare

i say irony?

people always use irony


don’t they?

i danced & danced & danced,

smiled all day long

conducted a magic ritual

where I shed all my grudges 

& limitations, 

i felt

my whole body renewed by 

some greater powerful cosmic force,

i felt 

all the available healing in the universe

come my way in glory & gratitude,

shattering a dark ceiling,

sooooooooo alive!

3 weeks ago on Samhain.

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