About Me

I originated in the far North of Canada, passing my childhood in boreal forests and swamps. It was a very austere place to grow up, and I learned well how to pass the time without a lot of diversions or urban amenities. My town was so small that there were no movie theatres, malls, transit services, fast food outlets, or stop lights. (Yes, I grew up without McDonalds . . . the nearest Big Mac was two-point-five hours’ drive south.)

When I say you can only fly past my hometown, I am not exaggerating. The highway ends there.

A lot of things end there . . . But not my story. 

My story only begins there. A girl growing up in a remote mining town, searching for meaning, community, belonging, connection and creative development.

Fast forward some thirty years.

After bouncing around Southern Ontario and becoming a mother to two amazing humans, I finally found my forever home. Vancouver Island.

The first time I saw the Pacific Ocean, I was 21 years old . . . and I knew I needed to live next to her for the rest of my life.

Now I’ve been settled here for the better part of two decades. For my day job, I am fortunate to be able to offer touch healing and bodywork to those who need it. In my spare time, along with tending my relationships and connections, you will find me writing, singing and making art nearly every day.

I feel blessed to have been led where I am today. My words, wisdom & artistry are offered to anyone who needs them, and I hope to bring healing, joy, clarity & beauty to the world.

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