What Happens When I’m “Reading”?

There are many words for what I call “reading”. Visioning, channelling, intuiting, acting as a medium, being clairvoyant . . . Here is my perspective on how I read.

First of all, I will only read with someone’s permission, and in the right place. I’ve had old co-workers or friends ask me flippantly over a drink at the bar to see what was going to happen to them in the next year. Usually I can see, but it’s not appropriate to do so unless the conditions are right and the receiver is intent.

I have also been read without giving permission, such as when a mystical acquaintance picked up my crystal necklace and began telling me what kind of charge was present and what I needed to do about it. This was very invasive and taught me never to do the same to others.

Before reading, I ask for guidance and protection, envisioning a cloak of white draped around me. I know that whatever comes to me during the reading is for the other person and not related to me or my circumstances.

When I’m reading, I feel both emotionally and physically into the client’s body and circumstances. Sometimes images come to my mind in the form of colours, animals, messages.

Often I feel warm, and a vigorous shiver runs up my spine through my neck. My hands also feel very warm and present. With the client’s permission, I will touch, sweep or hold their limbs.

At the end of the reading, I pray for the person and ask for them to be surrounded by healing energy.

Then, we will have a discussion on what I have felt and found throughout the reading.

If tarot cards are included, the discussion will be expansive and encompass the themes brought out  by the oracles.


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