I respond to the world with words: poetry, prose, essays, rants, reviews, short fiction and long fiction. Here, you’ll find some samples of my thoughts, feelings and reactions.* I’m currently at work on a novel, several short stories and a couple of poetry collections.

*All of my work is copyrighted and exclusively for my use only.

Under Cover

When I ovulate & am bloated; when my clothing itches on my skin; when my thoughts have been misquoted; when the world is brittle & thin,   there you are, on the night leaves, shining dark green under the moon, gentle. What this light achieves remains given still, next afternoon.… Continue reading

A Timely Wind

Earth continues her unerring turn, the sun persists on his unending reel; in dark shadows underneath the roots twist and rot among thriving baby grass grubs. Two corpses lie apart, buried, where once their mouths gave resuscitation to each other’s tired demanding lungs; yet all must be forgiven, given over,… Continue reading