The Sledgehammer of Love

There once was a little diamond so beautiful that it was full of love and joy. It played all day in the sunlight and sparkled with rays of glitter everywhere it roamed. 

One day, the diamond noticed a rainbow glowing on a rock, and began to follow its curve. The colours danced and rippled in soft fuzzy lines all over everything.

“I love myself, but I’d rather be more like that rainbow,” the diamond said to its mother.

“You are that rainbow already – it’s only the light shining through you,” explained the mother.

“But I want to be seven different beautiful colours like that,” insisted the little diamond.

“You are already all of those seven colours, bound up into one beautiful light,” the mother responded.

“But I want to be beautiful like that,” protested the diamond.

So, the mother took up the Sledgehammer of Love. She raised it like it weighed nothing and everything at once. Then she brought it down, swiftly and surely.

But she did it so gently, the diamond felt only a tap.

Suddenly, the diamond was split into seven bright beautiful colours. The colours all danced wildly in the sunshine, going here and there.

“Now, how to get back into one piece?” they asked, bewildered.

The mother smiled. “If you were wise enough to split yourself up, then I’m sure you’re strong enough to put yourself back together . . .”

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