Invite life, love, wisdom and presence into your body with a shamanic journey tailored for you. Guided by the deep sound of drumming and humming, you will enter a trance state to learn more about your spirituality.

If you’re looking for answers that lie beyond the physical realm, a shamanic journey might be just what you need. Find spiritual guidance on another plane.

We will begin by having a talk about what you need and what your question is. Then, you will lie down comfortably and I will guide you into a relaxed meditative state. Together we will explore the reaches of your consciousness and your subconscious.

Shamanic journeying is good for soul retrieval, healing past wounds, reclaiming the self, connecting with inner answers, locating spirit guides, receiving intuitive messages, and becoming more in tune with your body.

Sessions are 90 minutes.

Investment: $100-150

Contact me to book!

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