Long Distance

i can live a whole life here on this side

of the water. pouring my energy

like a river into the sea

letting it all flow outward

i have made this mistake.

i have lived

in the invisible arms of a lover,

awkward and spent.

like all lovers & mothers & others

i have bled until something

not blood came roaring

at my feet

baby of my body

apple of my eye

whose love for 

whom i sing

where is my heart? there

my treasure lies also buried.

& why


unearthed, it would sing louder

than a canary in a coal mine.

does the river know it’s going?

does it know where?

does it work the problem

all the way to an end?

when it meets the sea,

does it think

here, now, i have found

what i have always wanted

to give myself to . . . ?


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