some guy on the plane

watching tv on his phone 

first I don’t know he’s related

to the woman & child 

across the aisle

keeps shaking his head at her

for not keeping his kid quiet 

the whole flight 

she runs up & down

with the wiggler 

coddling, cajoling, cuddling

distracting, feeding, cheering

at one point Daddy

hands her a cup full of garbage

she fumbles, spews it

all across the aisle

between them

with one hand serving the child

she attempts to pick up 

her mess, but needs help

he glances with contempt

a little shake of the head

another shake

another little irritated shake

as he picks up a few torn scraps

afterward returning to that 

absorbing true crime documentary 

about the Daddy who 

in the middle of the night 

killed his wife & toddlers 

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