thai tarot massage

My special thai tarot massage is rejuvenating and healing to body, mind and spirit. Using ancient stretching and pressing techniques on a comfortable floor mat, I will help align and relax your limbs while I lay out cards to determine what is happening in your energetic system.

Be prepared to bliss out! This is not a typical table massage, but a gentle exercising of your body that makes you feel so soothed, you might want to fall asleep.

I add tarot cards to gain insight on the stresses and conditions that are affecting your physical and spiritual health. At the end of the massage, we’ll have a short conversation and I will share with you what I’ve learned through the cards.

This is both a physical massage and a way to open your heart and mind to a broader spectrum of reality concerning your own state of being in this world. Come and try it!

Sessions are 75 minutes long.

Investment: $100

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