Mission Statement

Yes, I am on a mission.

I feel committed to offering my spiritual perspective to the world, with a full heart.

Though sometimes my creativity can be aimless and wandering, it is also the composting of feelings and observations, layering them, allowing them to sit and sift, until they become a fortified soil in which a strong seed takes root.

I want to grow something out of this creative compost, hopefully a gorgeous flower with a sweet scent, or a large spaghetti squash, or a full trellis of sugar peas. All to feed you with beauty, thoughtfulness and love. So, here goes. . .

My mission is:

To inspire thoughtful response.

To help heal anxiety and uncertainties.

To promote freedom and truth.

To stand up for pacifism.

To entertain and uplift human hearts.

To share authentically about my thoughts, hopes and experiences.

To find and express resonance with other souls.

About Me

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