Under Cover

When I ovulate & am bloated; when my clothing itches on my skin; when my thoughts have been misquoted; when the world is brittle & thin,   there you are, on the night leaves, shining dark green under the moon, gentle. What this light achieves remains given still, next afternoon.… Continue reading

A Timely Wind

Earth continues her unerring turn, the sun persists on his unending reel; in dark shadows underneath the roots twist and rot among thriving baby grass grubs. Two corpses lie apart, buried, where once their mouths gave resuscitation to each other’s tired demanding lungs; yet all must be forgiven, given over,… Continue reading

That’s What Friends Are For … ?

Is friendship based on commonality or necessity, or a bit of both? I often see memes saying we should be loyal and never abandon our friends. Just under those, there are posts encouraging us to leave behind those connections that “no longer serve you”. Continue reading